Zombies scare the bejesus out of me even though they are certainly not real and could never be real. I have a real, gnawing fear of waking up to a dead world taken over by zombies. It doesn’t help that I live in a really really quiet neighborhood so occasionally I’ll wake up and hear absolutely nothing from outside and freak out.

Plot twist: I love zombie movies and tv shows! Can’t get enough of them. I was watching the first season of Fear The Walking Dead on Hulu (liking it so far-love seeing all the locations in Los Angeles) last night and I literally could not get to sleep for hours. I kept thinking I was hearing zombies trying to get in the back gate. And of course last night was a rare night when a police helicopter was circling our neighborhood so that added to the paranoia that something was out there trying to get in.

There wasn’t, of course, there was a car chase and they caught the guy.

Strangely, zombies are the only supernatural creatures that really scare me. Vampires, werewolves, aliens, ghosts, general monsters, possession/demons? Nope. None of that sticks in my brain or keeps me up at night. But friggin zombies man...if I’m in the office alone and I hear anything creak from far away, the shit has hit the fan and we are for sure in a zombie apocalypse.

Thankfully when I’m at home I have my little skittish dog so knowing that he’s chill comforts my fear. If he starts barking though, all bets are off.


What are some of your totally irrational fears?