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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’m reading people’s responses to the Jezebel article on high achievers who get full night’s sleep and wake up on average at 6:25am so now I’m curious about everyone else’s morning routines.


Mine is NOT high achieving in any way, but I generally try to keep it pleasant. It’s also inconsistent because I work in the office twice a week, which means I have to accommodate for an hour-long commute.

So most of the week:

6:00AM - Alarm goes off

6:15ish - I swap my mouth guard out to readjust my bite for 10-15 minutes while I snooze (this is counterproductive to how I should be doing it).


6:30-6:45ish - We both wake up and talk about our dreams. Like, our literal dreams. Sometimes it’s, “I had a bunch of dreams that I don’t remember.” Other times it’s just talking about the dumb dreams we had in great detail. This is also around the time the downstairs neighbor lets his dogs out, so my dog wakes up and flips out because the door is opening.

7:00am - We’re out of bed! I get dressed, go through my morning skincare routine, and brush my teeth. Dog gets a morning potty and breakfast, the kettle warms up and we make coffee. We eat breakfast and read our phones on the couch.


7:50am - My Echo reminds me I have work in 10 minutes, I grumble about having to work. GC showers and gets ready to head to her job.

8:00am - I’m at my desk ready to work.

In-office days:

6:00am - Alarm goes off. I swap out my mouth guard and lay in bed for 15 minutes.


6:15am - I get up. The dog gets up with me and lays on the bath mat watching me brush my teeth and do my skincare. He gets his potty break and then snoozes in his crate while I get dressed and listen to NPR’s Up First and get the traffic report.

6:45am - GC wakes up, I objectify and flirt with her. One of us feeds the dog while the kettle heats up. She makes me a hot beverage for the road.


7:00am - I’m out of the house and in traffic listening to the least depressing podcast on my playlist first until I get to work.

8:00am - I usually work for an hour before my boss IMs me and asks if I want breakfast, and we leave our desks to get coffee and loaded hashbrowns (her) or a gigantic breakfast burrito (me).

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