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What are your most anticipated video games?

I read this about Witcher 3 and thought, YES. YES. It's a large open world rpg! That's for me. The reviews seem exciting. The world seems massive and there are sidequests and I'm one of those weirdos that really like sidequests. I'm also on the fence about whether I'll play Elder Scrolls online if it comes to PS4. I've heard mixed things about it. I'm obsessed with Skyrim so there is that BUT it might not have the magic. I'm not sure it's even made by Betheseda. Finally, PERSONA 5 is coming at some point and this is a series that is almost my absolute favorite, except for Final Fantasy. And unlike Final Fantasy, Atlus has not broken my heart with uneven playability. Oh yeah, and at some point aren't they planning on release Final Fantasy XV?


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