Michael Gove (twat*) says British schools should "promote British values". But what are British values? And should those values be "promoted" to school children?

I would like values such as honesty, critical thought and fairness to be taught in schools. But those are just values. There is nothing specific to Britain about them. And, as a nation, we haven't always been a shining example of them. When I tried to think of values specific to Britain, all I could come up with were tired cliches such as drinking tea and queuing.

According to David Cameron, children are to be taught "freedom, tolerance, respect for the rule of law, belief in personal and social responsibility and respect for British institutions". But again, most of those aren't specifically British. They're just things lots of people agree on. And "respect for British institutions"? Perhaps he means "institutions" more broadly but I would interpret this to refer to the monarchy, a subject on which many Britons disagree.

Do you think your country has national values? If so, what are those values and should they be taught in schools?

* This is not a specific criticism of this behaviour. It's just a general response to Michael Gove.