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What are your strange family food-combinations?

Brought to you after a memory sparked from reading the Instant Coffee article over on The Takeout:

What are *Your* family’s strange food-combo traditions, which seem normal to your group of folks (and which are surprisingly tasty!), but which make other folks perhaps look at you in shock & horror?


One of my family’s old traditions (about 50 years now!) is American Cheese on Brownies.

Many folks do/have heard of a slice of cheese on a piece of Apple Pie. But nearly everyone I’ve known looks at me like I have three heads, when I say some of my family eats brownies with cheese instead of frosting.

For some reason, the saltiness, creaminess, & savory flavor of American balances out the richness, sweetness, and the mild bitter notes of the instant coffee, and it just *works.*

The original reason that my dad’s generation started the “cheese with brownies” tradition, was back when my Auntie made them while Grandma was in the hospital. Auntie’s brothers were razzing her pretty badly, because the first time she made them, she didn’t know that Grandma always tripled the recipe (for a half-sheet pan). So her first batch was about 1/4" thick & sad.


Once Auntie got the 3x thing down (this one:)

Apologies for the smudging on the pic—i once accidentally spilled a jar of cocoa on the page!

her three brothers (my dad among them) teased her & said her frosting was going to be so bad they’d rather eat the brownies with cheese.

The challenge was then issued, and *someone* (I can’t remember which brother) ate a fresh-out-of-the-pan brownie with a slice of American cheese on it.


That brother said, “Hey, this is pretty good!” And to the horror of the other siblings in the room, finished it off & asked for another, saying, “You guys should try it, it’s great!” And eventually everyone tried it.

It honestly became as popular with them as the frosting was (Grandma was APPALLED when she got out of the hospital🥴😂), but it became a tradition—and almost every time that someone made brownies after that, a row or two was left unfrosted, so that folks could eat ‘em with cold cheese on top.


So what’s YOUR family’s “strange” food?

Do you have something that *seems* strange to other folks, but that, if you can get them to try it, they agree is just strangely tasty?

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