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What are your strategies for (nevertheless) persisting?

When you feel like you don’t want to, don’t feel like you are capable, when you feel too emotionally overwhelmed to keep persevering on a task - how do you get yourself to keep going?

I am working on some rough stats right now. It doesn’t help that the meeting with the statistician yesterday left me feeling like an idiot. I have been working really hard to push myself through the feelings of being dumb and incompetent this morning. Sometimes I am more able to do that than others.

Today my tactic has been twofold:

1. I keep telling myself I will feel so much better about myself when I finish. I will feel good for having conquered something difficult -and will feel like I really learned/accomplished something rough.


2. Music that makes me feel good. I pulled out the video I watched every morning when I was writing my diss (Shake it off by Tay Tay). It helps me remember to shake off the rough feedback or bad feelings - and I also feel my mood is always better at the end bc of how awkward and charming she is in the video - plus happy dancing! Now I am listening to the Hamilton Cast Album - this was my coping strategy in the first year of my postdoc.

What are your strategies for pushing yourself through rough, uncomfortable, emotional, demoralizing things? How do you ensure that you, nevertheless, persist?

Political aside: Speaking of persisting (and thus Elizabeth Warren)...the dems today - I think inspired by Elizabeth Warren - are reading the Mueller report into the congressional record. If you like the actions they are taking this week - do let them know. If you want them to do more - let them know. Before the resistance launched after Trump’s election, they got far more calls from the right than from the left. We can’t go back to complacency. We also need to make sure they know what we want them to do. If we want boldness, impeachment, public hearings, subpoenas, etc. then we need to tell them that. They represent us.

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