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I think in some ways part of the feeling is generational. Both my mother amd her mother loved Jane Wyman and consider/considered Nancy the “other woman”. As soon as it was said on the news she met Ronald Reagan in 1949 my mother wikied when he divorced Jane and it was 1949. It just confirmed my mothers and her late mother’s belief. As my mother put it “as you well know a man will screw around even if his wife is a Venus”. Yes she compared Wyman to Venus.

Me I do not like her for the “just say no” program which just seemed then like a dumb slogan. Yet now I think of it as when Nancy appeared on Different Strokes to help push that program. We all know the tragic lives of the children in that show. It also seemed lazy like drug users or potentially all will just say no. Life does not work that way.

I do admire her for her dedication to keeping Ronald’s presidency on track and to protect him from scandal. Yes her astrology connections were weird but I understand her desperation not to let her husband be shot again. Also in the second term it was obvious he was showing signs of Alzheimers but her protection of him worked in a lot of ways.


She was though too extravagent with what she bought for the White House especially when so many people were hurting with a recession and high unemployment.

In retrospect I do not dislike her as much now as I did then. That second term had to have been hellish for her. Iran contra, starting to show signs of alzheimers etc. I know some people think of her as a copresident. I do not think that’s right. She cared far more about how her husband was seen and treated by those working for him along with his legacy then she cared about policy. I would call her The Protector and not The Copresident.

Many here were not born when she was First Lady, even less if any recall his marriage to Jane Wyman, many like myself born in between and recall her as First Lady.

What are your thoughts on her.

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