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What Are Your Unexpected Turn Ons?

I have been yelled at for liking tall guys on the mainpage but I don't care. It did get me thinking though, about the things that I am attracted to in men. I've recently realized that as I'm coming into my sexuality (by which I mean, actually having sex instead of just talking about it and giggling) I find a much wider range of things to be attractive than I initially thought.

For example, if you asked me to describe my ideal guy, I'd probably come up with this:


Which... still make my lady parts tremble. Because... yum.

But I've also realized that I have a much higher tolerance for chest hair than I initially thought. I also really like beards. I'm weirdly obsessed with beards now. They make my ladybits tap dance, which is weird, because I always thought I hated them. Now all I want is to rub my cheeks on men's beards.

This is all connected to the idea of what society tells us we should think is sexy versus what we actually like. Beards are my thing I always hated that I'm now obsessed with. What are your turn ons that used to be turn offs? Or really, turn ons that you didn't always consider to be traditionally sexy? (In both guys and gals)

ETA: Please do talk about what you find attractive in women too. This is a totally gender blind post. It's more about exploring the things we like that we didn't think we were allowed to/supposed to like than what body those things are on.

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