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What art and artists do you like?

I need to get art for my house*! This will be a slow long process, but I’m finding I tend to get stuck on really loving one artist’s stuff and having a hard time finding new artists or getting inspiration from a lot of different styles.

I’ll take what ever you love as inspiration, but bonus points if it’s a print or something that is reasonably priced (less than 100 is ideal) and you can point me to where to buy it. I’ve been really liking artists like Christian Schloe, Katy Horan, Alexandra Dvornikova, Evan B Harris, Rebecca Rebouche, Phyllis Stephens, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (probably a very obvious dreamy surrealist bent there lo)l but I am open to it all... although admittedly I rarely like photography.

So please, share your things you love, and also, any places where you get cheap art. I know all the local markets, etc here that I can go and look, so please keep it to general sources if you don’t mind! Society6, Minted, and Tiny Showcase is where I’ve mostly been so far, they’re just so hard to really browse. I am not stuffy... I don’t care if it’s a print or I get it at a damn TJ Maxx if it’s good and I love it.


*let’s not get into how I had beautiful, actual art and lent it to my ex out of kindness, and he stole it from me. That’s a long story that fills me with anger! And I can’t afford to be angry, because I have to save all my money up to buy new art to replace it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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