So this happened. Auggie Busch IV was the last family CEO of Anheiser-Busch before the InBev hostile takeover. What this little shit has gotten away with over the years is disgusting, so I hope they can (doubtfully) nail his ass on something.

To recap, in 1983 he was drunk-driving and wrecked a car. The passenger died (the car fucking rolled over her) and he fled the scene. Conveniently, the urine samples were lost and the blood sample was damaged, so they couldn’t prosecute.

2 years later, age 20, he had a high-speed (upwards of 90mph) car chase with a few cops in St. Louis. They shot out the tires to end the chase and tried to charge him with assault since they claim he tried to run them down.

In 2010, his girlfriend was found dead at his house of an accidental overdose. She had no prescriptions for the oxy in her system. Conveniently, again the legal actions were settled out of court.