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Welcome To The Bitchery

What beer is good warm?

So since we’re talking about beer tonight (we are talking about beer tonight right? I certainly am a lot), I’m crowd sourcing recommendations.

I’m going camping for five days next week and I can’t think of a way to keep beer chilled that long. If I put ice in the cooler it will be melted by day 2. And I don’t feel like going into town to get more ice.
I also do not feel like not drinking beer (or drinking wine or liquor). I WANT BEER.
But all the beers I like are NOT good when they get warm. I drink certain IPAs, but my go to is usually stouts or porters. The porter I get is okay when it’s warm, but the stouts and IPAs aren’t very good.
I like basically all beer as long as it’s not EXTREMELY high on the ibus.

What do? Specific beer recommendations are great (I live in Colorado, and I’m a beer snob, so if you recommend microbrews (that I can get here) I will love you forever... but I’ll drink other beers too), but just recommendations for type is very helpful as well.
Also I don’t want to spend more than like 30 dollars on this for the trip, which I think should be doable because I’ll probably only have like two drinks a night. But nothing expensive.


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