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This is a curation post. I'm working on the longer essay I mentioned earlier and I want to include some examples that better illustrate how impactful this new album is on a sociopolitical level for black women and black feminists.


For me, like I said in the last post, this is an album from a deeply black feminist perspective. It is incredibly significant that a BW with this much power and influence, used said power and influence to put a message like this out into the world. It's like she tried to make up for all the times our intersection was ignored within mainstream feminism, and carve out a safe space for us through her music.

Anyway. I would just love to hear from you guys what the messages in this album mean to you. Everyone's input is welcome (obviously), but I would specifically like to hear from out BW commentariat. I want to include maybe 2-3 comments in my piece, so if you're okay with having your comment included, add a little thing at the end so that I know it's okay to use it.

On the other hand, I don't care if you didn't like the album. I don't want to hear about how Beyoncé is confirming stereotypes by being sexy. I don't have time for respectability politics today. There are threads for that on the mainpage. I might not dismiss you, but I'm not going to respond (and no one else should either).

So... go forth and praise Beyoncé!

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