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What Brings Up "Classic Woman" to You?

Full disclosure: I am fully aware that "This is How to Woman" and stuff like that are obviously full of shit because if you say you're a woman, you're a woman. I'm talking about it means/meant to you.

For example, I just started watching the glorious Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix due to the recommendations of Burt over on the main page, and the protagonist, Miss Fisher, is what I 'envision' as the classic, All-Woman, All-the-Time Fully-Adulted Lady.


Hear me out!

She has incredible smarts, skills, and has a wardrobe and social skills I would kill for. This is the type of woman I want to grow up to be. I was talking to some friends yesterday and I'm not entirely sure how we got on this topic but I related a fantasy of mine: Taking a glorious bath while talking on one of those amazing old-style phones with my lover (discussing our upcoming night out to The Tropicana, natch) while Glen Miller standards play and I sip champagne from my saucer-style champagne glass. After my glorious bath, I shall slip on my silk robe with the furry trim, and sit at my vanity dolling myself up. I meet my lover at the club wearing The Dress that shows off my best features, and we dance the night away.

This led to me to wonder why I want that. Because that woman is a Woman. Apparently my epitome of woman is a lady who has a really good bathroom and dressing room. Well, mostly. Remember the Baroness from The Sound of Music? She is also my dream lady. Impeccable! That was the word I was looking for. My 'highest standard' of woman is always impeccable.


Obviously that's full of shit because actual traits I admire in people are stuff like honesty and loyalty and humour and the fact that they like it when I drunk text them. Actual, real-life people are often not impeccable, because they're not heiresses with disposable time, income and a boarding school education. Yet, that image always stays in my mind.

What has always stayed with you as "This is How to Woman"?

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