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What can I bring on an airplane

Someone please help me, as the website for JFK isn't helping me at all with this.

So I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow, and I really don't fly often because I hate flying. So I can't remember the guidelines for what I can and cannot bring on the plane. There's two things I'm unsure about and hopefully someone can help me.

  1. My Xanax. It's in a prescription bottle with my name on it. Is this okay to bring on my carry-on? Cuz lord knows I'll need to take one before we go into the air.
  2. Lighters. I know there's some rule about bringing lighters on a plane (like a regular Bic lighter, I'm a smoker) but for the life of me I can't remember what the rule is. Can I bring a lighter on the plane on my carry-on or put it in my checked luggage? What about matches?

I think that's it. Please help. I don't feel like getting arrested for a bottle of Xanax or a lighter.

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