Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

One of my friends is having her first baby in a few months. She and her husband are really wonderful people. They've always gone out of their way to help me and my boyfriend. Example 1: Our house was robbed when my boyfriend was out of town, and they both left work early and rushed to the house to keep me company and help me deal with the mess and police. Example 2: This weekend the husband spent about ten hours helping us move, and my friend brought over freshly baked muffins at 7:00 am when we started loading up. They've also been really great about including us in all their social activities and introducing us to their friends (we just moved to this city a year ago and don't know many people). I'd like to reciprocate.

I'll be getting them a gift off the registry, but I'm trying to come up with ways I can be helpful after the baby is born.


Right now I'm thinking a bunch of home-made frozen meals so they don't have to worry about making dinner the first few nights. So, ideas for meals that freeze well? Or does anyone have other suggestions? What did you want/need in the first few weeks after producing a little one? Help me be helpful, GT!

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