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What can I do with ground turkey?

I bought 2 lbs of ground turkey last week thinking I'd need both packages when I made these turkey zucchini meatballs. But, it turns out I only needed one package. But, now I'm at a loss for what to do with the other pound. I could make more meatballs, but I don't wanna, or freeze it for more meatballs later, but I'm running out of room in the fridge.

I often use turkey Italian sausage in soups and things, but I've found that just plain ground turkey will all those spices is pretty boring, and even adding my own spices doesn't seem to do much. Even these meatballs, while I love them exist primarily as a vehicle to get delicious cheese and tomato sauce into my mouth. So, does anybody have any ideas of what I can do with it?


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