I have zero lentil experience, so I am thinking either beet benedicts, using roasted beets, English muffins, poached eggs, and leftover valdeon sauce, OR some mixed potato and spinach gnocchi, with sage and brown butter, OR mushrooms and polenta, OR a roasted squish and tost. If I do mushrooms and polenta, I’d have to buy both. The same for the squish, but squish is $0.99/lb. I maybe could use the beets to make lovely pink dumplings. And if I up the flour content, I can shape them into 4 inch long branches shaped like pain d’epi, and then fry them in sage brown butter. Ok, you guys, this is the plan. I welcome any other suggestions, though. Do I need sides, should I make garlic bread, should I scrap the beet pasta idea entirely? I just got paid last week but my food stamps are used up for the month so I have a hundred dollars for the next two weeks.