Does anyone remember The Jury? Zomg. You guys. So terrible. So wonderful. So very, very wonderble.

First: the premise. Trial shown in flashback as the jury debates the verdict, as is the crime itself, the latter of which is incomplete. At the end of the episode, a verdict is rendered and the complete crime shown, so you see if the jury made the right call.

I watched this with my friends the summer of '04 while home from college... And as magically as it appeared it disappeared. I don't believe they even aired all 10 episodes. My husband downloaded them for me (erm... TOTALLY legally...) because he loves me. We are watching now: my joy knows no bounds.

Terrible. Wonderful. Corny. Hamfisted. A veritable who's who of people who have been on The Wire, OITNB, House of Cards, Law & Order, House, Scandal, Lost, The Office, and a million other shows you know and love.

So. What show was taken from you too soon (and obviously I know, like, 3/4 of you people are still mourning Firefly)?