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What color lipstick?! [Updated]

Help me decide what color lipstick (if any) I should wear! Okay you guys, I'm going out to dinner with girlfriends tonight. I'm getting sort of dressed up. Actually putting on something other than yoga pants counts as dressed up for me these days. So I'm going to wear a black t-shirt, the polka dot cardigan in the last picture, dark skinny jeans, and black riding boots. And I want to wear one of these hot neon lipsticks I got because they are fun and I want to have fun dammit!

So what color?Hot Plum or On Fire Red? I've got brown hair, hazel green eyes, and light beige skin tone if that helps. Thanks hivemind!


ETA: Forgot to link to my cardigan.

ETA2: I went with the red. Thanks guys!

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