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What did I do this weekend?

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Oh, just perused real estate listings in areas that can never employ me. Daydreamed about fixing up old houses and living a happy peaceful life with magical money that appears when I need it. Or buying the perfect parcel of land someplace with fantastic geological formation, insanely low taxes and lower graduation rates, and building my dream house, where I will write and sew and raise my sheep for some purpose. Why do you ask?


It's been a while since I got sucked into an "If I could..." daydream. There have been so many, and they are all pretty similar. None are particularly realistic, since I'm pretty sure I'm a lifetime renter, but a girl can dream. I also plotted a course across North America, from the East coast to the West coast to the Arctic Circle. It's an 11000 mile journey by car. I really want to do it, but I have no idea when I would. It's on the Someday list now. For some reason, I'm feeling stuck, and a bit restless. Not sure why. I'm happy in my job, but realize that I can only be employed in this field in a handful of cities in this country, and a life in the hills in the country is not one I'll ever get to live. That doesn't stop me from considering it, on a quiet Sunday night.

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