Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know that this blog is full of women's experiences getting sexually harassed and that my experience is just a blip on the radar. But this one today REALLY pissed me off. I always walk my dog on the same route around my neighborhood and today some lecherous old guy who lives down the street from me comes RUNNING out of his house as I walk by. He asks to pet my dog which I let him do because my dog is awesome and deserves all of the attention in the world.

He then abruptly asks me if I want to go to dinner. I was flabbergasted because 1) I haven't been so directly hit on outside of a bar in, like, years and 2) dude was OLD and I am not. I told him I have a boyfriend and he said that is too bad because he sees me running and walking my dog past his house all the time and HE LIKES TO WATCH OUT THE WINDOW. In what misogynistic world are you raised that you think that is EVER an acceptable thing to say to someone?! What is wrong with people?

Now I have to change my running and dog walking routes because of some creepy old man. I fucking hate people. At least most street harassment is perpetrated by men who are driving by or who you likely won't ever see again. And I hate that a lot of you probably have similar stories about the fucked up shit some guy said or did to you today. Fuck everything!!!

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