So I was using Rehab Addict as background noise for my at home work project (yay grad school!) and they were replaying her Detroit house project. On a whim I decided to see what's up with that house and if it'd been sold yet. And in my browsing I ran across this blog entry. And well it made me squicky... but i can't quite place why. I'm also wrapped up in my own projects, and my brain isn't that great at switching gears, but this just hit me as 'wrong'.

Further searching brought me to this youtube video:

Again, my spidey sense is tingling, but i can't quite place why.... I also feel way out of my league in terms of commenting on these entries because i've never been to Detroit and I only know what I see from TeeVee.... Oh and I still don't know if they sold the house :/

Anyone from that part of the country want to chime in? Or someone who is more versed in urban housing issues? Thanks for any insights or thoughts you can share :)