Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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What Did I Want to Buy?

Or, alternatively, what should I buy?

I was out today on a walk and decided I wanted a fanny pack for when exercising—I often go on walks alone but never have my phone with me because I don’t have any place to store it.


There were other things I put on my mental list as I drank my coffee and read my book earlier, and after when I was grocery shopping...but damn if I can remember.

I have a purple fanny pack and activated charcoal (for brushing my teeth) in my Amazon cart—what else did I want? What else should I want? What have you bought recently?


ETA: I figured out what I needed to buy! A snake drain and shower drain hair trap. I waited too long to clean it, and now I can’t pull it out by hand.

Also, I found this fanny pack and super want it.

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