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I actually thought it was fantastic. A little different style from Stewart's (a little more self-deprecating, which is impressive), but I loved the way they did it. I thought Oliver hit all the right notes, really loved being up in the chair, and didn't botch any lines. I think he'll make a worthy successor when Stewart finally calls it quits.

Probably the funniest line for me, actually, had to have been Jessica Williams's line in the second segment, "What? What's that, John? I can't hear you over the sound of THIS GLASS CEILING OVER MY HEAD. All I see when I look up is white penises everywhere."

She's a fucking gem, that one. Because of her and Oliver (and the irrepressible Sam Bee), this is my second favorite correspondent crew they've ever had (behind only the Ed Helms-Stephen Colbert-Steve Carell-Rob Corddry-Sam Bee combo, which will never, ever be topped). Although I do miss Wyatt Cenac and wish he was still there.


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