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What did you buy this weekend?

I think there was an earlier thread for Black Friday, but figured we could do with one for Cyber Monday. I didn’t splurge too much this year, but I did pick up some things....


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I bought Valkyria Chronicles for about $7 and am loving it so far. It reminds me somewhat of Fire Emblem, which is one of my favorite series ever. The gameplay / battle system is fun (kind of a mishmash of different genres, not purely SRPG), and I’m finding it a good challenge.

I also bought the South Park game for about $7, but I can’t make the save system work at all. I played for a few hours before losing all my progress and it was fun up to that point. I’ll futz around with the files later and try to make it work, but I’m more interested in playing Valkyria Chronicles so far.


2) Skin care! I spent most of my work day (it’s been slow) looking at different skin care deals. This list was very helpful, everyone has some deal going on. Wound up buying some stuff from Acure at 50% off. I might still pick up the Boscia luminizing black masque that everyone seems to love (25% off everything on their site).

3) Dancewear! The Ballet Skirt. 50% off all skirts! I bought two, but couldn’t get their coupon code to work and accidentally bought them at full price. I contacted them and they’re giving me a gift card for the amount towards a future purchase.


I bought another skirt and trashbag warmup pants on discountdance.com...their deals suck, but I needed the stuff anyway. Thinking about picking up a custom leotard from my favorite maker for 30% off, but I think I need to cool it with the leotard purchases.

Did you buy anything? Are you thinking about buying anything? Why do I love things so much? *sigh*

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