We are stuck inside this weekend, so we've been Netflix fiends. What have you streamed lately that the rest of us simply must see? And what can we skip?

Right now, I'm watching that old standby, Criminal Minds. It's great when you don't want to pay 100% attention.

I started to watch Lizzie Borden Took an Ax and... well, it was even terrible by Lifetime movie standards. I mean, I don't expect stuff on Lifetime to be 100% historically accurate but, could we at least try for, like, 2%? It was like somebody who works at Lifetime saw Pretty Little Liars and a Lizzie Borden segment on A & E in the same night and had a lightbulb moment. I made it 14 minutes in. :P

On the other hand, we watched The Grey last night and I was surprised by how much I liked it. To be sure, it was a bit heavy-handed with the "action movies can be artistic, too" stuff but, overall, I found it very compelling. You'd definitely need to be in an action movie mood but it had more heart and brains than a lot of action stuff out there. Plus, I could listen to Liam Neeson talk for days.


How about you? What did you watch this weekend?