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What did your kid(s) dress up as for Halloween?

My guys all came up with their own costume ideas. All pretty simple ones, but my rule has always been that you don’t go trick-or-treating if you don’t dress up, so they have to do something.

Oldest is a goofy kid. He was “Stupid”. He pulled one sweatshirt sleeve up and pulled the other off past the end of his fingers, pushed one leg of his sweatpants up past his knee, left one shoe untied, and wore his hat backwards and his backpack upside down. Kind of half-assed, but it’s his last year trick-or-treating.

LittleSmacks2 was a lumberjack. Which was basically just him in jeans, boots, and a red and black plaid flannel. Someone asked him, if he’s a lumberjack, where’s his axe? He said, in a silly voice, “I lost it, but I have an accent instead.” The lady thought that was so funny that she gave him an extra piece of candy!


LittleSmacks3 borrowed a hat, vest, and name tag and went as a Walmart employee. (Again, all his idea.) He’d wanted to be Marty McFly, but we didn’t have either a denim jacket or an orange down vest, and he didn’t tell me in time to go to the thrift store. I promised him we’ll look for those for next year.

BabySmacks has an odd sense of humour, and he dressed up as a lawyer. (He’s 10, and he came up with this on his own.) He wore a suit with a turquoise shirt and striped tie, dress shoes, and my old leather jacket. He also borrowed O-H’s black laptop bag for a “briefcase”, which he used as his candy bag. Quite a few people got a kick out of that one.

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