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Welcome To The Bitchery

*twiddles thumbs awkwardly*

So, I'm pretty sure I have a urinary tract infection. And... I am on vacation with my family in a completely different state for the next ten days, and not particularly willing to pay for an out-of-network emergency room.

I've never had one before. What can I do? Will it go away? Any tips and tricks to stall this and not be completely miserable until I get back home? Or am I going to die if I don't go to (ahem, pay for) an emergency room?


Expert opinions needed!

ETA: Pressed publish and realized Lizzhaa posted an identically titled post. Adjusted slightly.

ETA 2: Also, I'm in a very small rural town with no independent means of transportation. I'm sure someone would be willing to drive me if it were an emergency, but I'd rather not explain if I can avoid it.

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