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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What do I get for my manfriend's birthday?

We are: mid-20s, both living with parents, and have been going steady/going steadily at it for 3 months.

He is: a little nerdy, well-dressed (used to work at a suit emporium), works in IT and currently searching for a more fulfilling IT job, quiet and lets me have all our conversations, very sweet and an optimist to my cynical neurotic.


Likes whiskey/bourbon, Bond movies, Sperrys, eating quickly, camping, audiobooks & TAL. Tech and audiophile. Likes long drives and fixing things. Wears a good watch. The best at sex.

Anywho... birthday is on Saturday (his family is having a party and I am meeting the extendeds for the first time). I am having major decision anxiety because I want the perfect thing. I’m thinking season 1 of Archer, a fancy “local” bourbon (Hudson), HTML beer glasses from Uncommon Goods, etc.

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