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Sorry for posting again so soon, but this is annoying and disappointing me.

For real...this is frustrating. There were exactly 3 positions I qualified for that I had seen posted on the sites I was given to look at. The first 2 were removed before I could send in a cover letter and this last one I was able to apply to and only found out about it because someone in the program knew I was looking and forwarded the message to me...They never posted it up. I had gotten in contact with someone who was an adjunct in my program (also went through my program) and she told me to get on this list serve which I believe I was able to do (hopefully the person added me). I think they should do this for everyone that enters the program automatically, because they don't seem to be posting things in the appropriate places, if at all.

My friend said when she started her master's she had to carry her CV around to some job or assistantship fair they had. I don't know how they do it at the university I'm attending, but it's looking like if I find something it won't be until the last minute.


I'm gonna start e-mailing some departments and my advisor and director of my program.

If not, I'll have to take out loans and find a "regular" job which is not what I want to do.

Edit: Forgot to mention I am a doc student, not masters (my friend got her masters and was telling me what she had to do). Sorry for the confusion on that. Also, the one I applied for...yeah they went with someone else which I don't blame them because it sounded like they needed someone in a different program and I probably wasn't the best fit.

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