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What do I Have to Give?

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Hello GT

I am taking a class about how to sell art online and one of my homework items is creating something to give away on my website when people sign up for my email list. I would like it to take less an six hours to create.


So it has to be downloadable, and because I’m an artist, probably printable. I am having a bit of a stuck feeling on what I could possibly give anyone. (Oh look my insecurities as an artist are showing ;) )

Would you rather have

1. Coloring pages, and if so how many. This is my first choice atm so I have included a sample coloring page. Unedited.


2. Gift card templates that you can print yourself that have some of my artwork on them.

3. A short story featuring my artwork in a .pdf form, like an ebook.

4. My life story in an ebook with art for each time period. I’m not that old and I don’t think this would be interesting but I’m asking your opinions not mine. I guess.


5. A PDF with how to paint five different paintings step by step (as seen on my website).

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