Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm allergic to SOY, raw apples, raw carrots, raw peaches, raw apricots, raw cantaloupe, raw cucumbers, raw plums, raw watermelon, raw nectarines, raw honeydew, raw broccoli, raw strawberries, raw bananas, raw blueberries, raw (not pickled) peppers, those sprout things that people at Panera insist on putting everywhere, watercress, avocado, peanuts, almonds and shellfish.

My cholesterol has been so high that since I was in third grade I've had to eat a vegetarian diet to keep levels at an acceptable level. I'm pescaterian now because it was impossible in college and living in a food desert the Deep South. My parents were vegan and it took awhile for 5 year old me to figure out how to communicate WHY I didn't like my veggies.*


SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Some people are assholes because they feel superior about their diet (whatever it is). Some people are assholes when they see you abstaining from something they enjoy (someone used the example of the hassle non-drinkers get). What people eat isn't your business unless you have good reason to believe they are in ill health. Homo sapiens are pretty flexible in their diets. We aren't Pandas. Some places it's hard to have a certain diet because it's outside the norm and alternatives aren't available.

*It's all true though

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