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What do people give you side-eye for?

I am extremely particular about how my groceries are bagged. It's not a concern about stuff getting squished. It's a result of having food safety training*. I hate having my groceries bagged when I am buying meats or eggs because almost every damn time I end up with raw meat in bags containing produce, etc. Usually I'll try and go to self-checkout at these instances. Today I forgot.

The bagger (with his "7 Years of Service!" nametag, so it's not like he's new) puts the raw eggs directly on top of my cooked deli products.

I ask, "Can you please bag the eggs separate?" and he just shoots me a glare. I respond, "...so that raw eggs aren't sitting on cooked food." I get some major side-eye, but he does (and I thank him for redoing it). I get to my car, and the fucking ground pork is in the same damn bag as my produce. REALLY. And it's from the fucking meat counter, so it's in a paper wrapper, not even a sealed bag. For fuck's sake, he has to know not to do that. Right? Right???


Anyhoos, what behaviors to y'all have that you receive major side-eye or eye rolls over? I promise not to judge.

*and yes, how I store food in my fridge reflects this as well

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