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What do we think about leg hair in the office?

I usually don’t shave my legs for most of the winter unless I’m going somewhere I want to show my legs. But this last fall/winter/spring, I just stopped shaving completely. And now I can’t decide if I want to shave again. I love my hairy armpits; my hair got past the itchy stage, and I realized I actually seem to sweat *less* with hairy armpits. So I’ll probably leave them alone. But I can’t decide if I’m cool with going barelegged in my relatively formal office with hairy legs. I don’t like pantyhose (I can’t bear spending $10+ for something that rips on the first wearing) so that’s not a good option for me. Neither is wearing pants all summer in the DC heat.

So GT, what do you think? Hairy legs in the office or no?

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