After reading about the outpouring of financial support that groupthinkers were willing to give today, I think we should channel our charitable nature into something productive on a normal basis. I was thinking that maybe once a week or once a month, someone could suggest a charity that really needs our immediate support and those of who are financially able could donate $5 (or more) to the charity.

Given the shitstorm of hate that is being thrown at the Roma community right now (not that this is new for that community; just new to have this spotlight on the problem), what if we found a trustworthy charity that provides outreach to the Roma community in Greece? Or Ireland? Or anywhere, really.

Is anyone else interested in this?

ETA: It would be awesome if people could brainstorm ways that groupthink members who are low on funds can contribute with some sort of non-financial "community donation." Something like: write a thoughtful reply to someone's post that shows that you really care about them? (or, you know, something less cheesy than that)