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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What do you believe?

I had dinner last night with a mentor, and we were talking about religions. I mentioned that I was raised as an atheist and she commented that she couldn’t imagine being raised that way without a religion. I think she currently identifies as spiritual, not religious, and I think that is important to her.

I was thinking last night about this - and thinking about what I believe in that I think provides a moral center for me and makes me feel connected to a larger world. Because I don’t feel that I am a lesser or worser person for not having been raised in a religion! This list isn’t complete - I have less time to write about this than I’d like - but I’m really interested in what others feel brings meaning or centering to their lives - what you each believe in.


1. Social justice and equality

2. The value of life (and the value of choice) - and the value of all lives - I believe that we all have value: prisoners, children, animals, plant life, the poor and homeless, people of color, LGBTQ people - everyone has value and everyone deserves humane treatment and equal treatment and opportunities.


3. Do onto others...

4. Relationships and the importance of them.

5. The greater good.

6. The value of self-knowledge

7. The value of knowledge and education (through formal and informal means).

There are others, but I have to head to my conference soon. Talk to me about what you believe!


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