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What do you call your parents?

So this came up at work, my boss and his wife own the business and their daughter is taking it over. While at work she firmly calls them by their first names and only slips when they're talking about something not work-related (the joys of small business, we all know way too much about each other's personal lives). They're not in this week and one of the girls commented that she calls them Mommy & Daddy still at 42. I still call my parents Mommy & Daddy and I'm 29. My boss is 66 and calls her elderly parents Mommy & Daddy. My mother calls her parents Mommy & Daddy. Is this weird? Are we just the weird minority all clumped together? If I knew how to make a poll, I would. What do you call your parents? Does it vary from sibling to sibling? My brothers call my mother Mommy only at home, and "God Mom" in public. My father they've switched to Dad all the time. It makes him sad a little. Oh and please if your's is unique tell the story! I need happy stories still in a funk and Geekboy is working tonight so it'll just be me, wine and the cats.


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