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What do you do before having a first session with a psychologist?

So, I finally visited CPS to talk about my issues - I met with someone who I think now understands what my problems are and how I'd like to address them (Yay!).

However, because our CPS has to deal with so many people, I'm only allowed up to 8 visits a year, so she'd like to get me started with people outside UHS. She gave me the phone numbers of several psychologists to call within the next 2 weeks (before I meet with her again to see how things are going).


What am I supposed to say during these phone calls? What's the fastest way to figure out if I want to actually try meeting with a psychologist?

I've only gone to CPS once before this, at another school, and I really hated it, so I never bothered to follow up.

P.S. Thank you to all the people here who encouraged me to try again. This intake session was already useful, even if nothing else comes of it.

ETA: Also, is there a standard frequency with which people meet? I looked one of them up, and she wants to see everyone once a week, which seemed a little too frequent to me. (I have anxiety/control issues, if that helps narrow things down.)

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