Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I mean, my friends are all fine. None of them have done anything wrong, or upset me in any way. But I'm just kind of bored with them. My closest, dearest friends live far away, and I don't have a core group here. I have individual friends and we hang out sometimes, but most of them are (a) partnered up, (b) much busier than me, and (c) have more disposable income. Plus I made a lot of these friends when I was in a very different mindset. I've change a lot since then, and I don't relate to quite a few of them anymore. I don't have any toxic people in my life, but I don't have many people I really feel a strong connection to anymore.

I know when I start working again it will get better. I'll have more money, and I'll have adult interaction at work. But right now I feel really isolated, and really bored. I'm on Meetup, and I do things through that, but it's not enough. OKC isn't a good vehicle to make friends, and my cats are lovely, but they're terrible conversationalists.


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