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What do you do with holiday leftovers?

Do you eat them as is? Or recreate them in some fashion? Freeze them for later?

We ended up with loads of leftover veggies, lots of the baked salmon, and no turkey or mashed potatoes. Also, almost an entire pumpkin pie, which was just slightly not-tasty. Not sure why, it was just a little bland and boring.

Housemate bought a turkey breast, so we just deep-fried that and made another big pot of mashed potatoes, so lunch is that with the leftover gravy and green bean casserole. The roasted veggies and sweet potatoes already got et.


I went all Chopped-style on that pumpkin pie, though! I scraped the filling off the crust, sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the inside of the crust pieces and baked it until it was crispy. I took the filling and mixed it with a chopped apple, a bit of applesauce, a drizzle of maple syrup, and half a butternut squash, mashed. Added cinnamon sugar to that, too, along with some vanilla almond milk. Chopped up the crust, mixed it with some oats and brown sugar, and a little coconut oil, and put it over the filling like a crumble. Baked it for 20 minutes. It’s MUCH better now!

The salmon and cornbread stuffing are going to become salmon patties for dinner. Just mix that, and a little chopped onion and an egg or two, then form into patties and pan fry. Yum!

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