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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Even as someone who doesn't really hold on to anything for more than a few years, I have a couple of things I tend to hoard and constantly impulse buy or just can't ever let go of. Going through my drawers, I found 5 blank notebooks, three partially used notebooks, and a couple of notebooks that I made myself. The ones I have written in are mostly random lists, a few miscellaneous doodles and sentences on a single page, and the occasional phone number. In the last year, I can only recall completely filling one up and that was my beloved Wonder Woman notebook.


I also have 3 boxes of crayons including one with the built in sharpener, a box of colored pencils, and a box of markers. I rarely use any of these and yet I have so many! Where did they all come from? My boxes of writing implements are apparently sponsored by Crayola and 90s style Sanrio brand colored gel pens and highlighters. I also have Sanrio stationary sets and an Ayumi Hamasaki themed writing pad. Seriously, Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki in notepad form. I should start writing my grocery lists on it.

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