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What do you think of this?

The man who created the ‘Normal Barbie’ doll with realistic proportions has created a ‘period’ accessory kit to help ‘normalize periods’.

My first thought was that it was a neat idea. But then I started thinking about it, and I don’t remember a time when I didn’t think periods were normal. They were never a source of shame, at least not among my friends and family. As a teen, leaking through my pants in public was a nightmarish thought, but one that I shared with every other girl. I had two older sisters, and there was nothing secretive about our periods. I can remember my mother shouting from the bathroom for someone to get her a pad. If anything, we milked it and exaggerated our problems to get out of chores (our brothers LOVED that). My friends and I discussed periods in great detail. Even now, since as an adult I work in an office with only women, periods are openly talked about.


My experiences may not be universal, and I’m curious about your experiences. But in the article, Lamm only references cases like Donald Trump turning the idea of a period into an insult. He talks about the confusion and stigma about having a period, but doesn’t provide specifics. I think he’s actually confusing male ignorance of women’s issues and assuming girls must be as ignorant/embarrassed. Since we don’t talk about it with men, maybe we don’t talk about it at all.

What do you think? Would a doll who came with miniature pads helped you at all growing up? Do you think that girls playing with this doll would remove any stigma that boys (and men) place on periods? I’m of the opinion that if anything, boys should be the ones learning that periods are just a fact of life instead, but am more than willing to be shown otherwise.

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