Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What do you think of this, which half a dozen people I know have posted on Facebook?

If your friend sells Younique, try it!

If your friend sells Scentsy, try it!

If your friend sells Rodan & Fields, try it!

If your friend sells Paparazzi, try it!

If your friend sells Posh, try it!

If your friend sells ViSalus, try it

Moral of the story, if my friend owned a restaurant... Guess what, I would eat there! If a friend of mine owned a bakery, I would go there! If one of my friends owned a dance studio, I would have my child take lessons there.

So the next time you are walking into a Yankee candle, think about your friend who sells Scentsy and how she has a daughter to put through college.

Next time you walk into Sephora, think about that Younique beauty rep who has an 8 month old and is trying to buy a house.

Next time you go to GNC think about your friend who sells ViSalus and how she is a stay at home mom trying to help her husband pay the bills and build a legacy for her kids.

At the end of the day these big corporations are going to give absolutely NOTHING back to you, but when you help a small business owner you’re not only helping them but you’re also helping put money back into our economy


Because personally, I hate mixing business with pleasure. If I had a friend who was really in need for any reason, I’d be right there helping in any way I can. But as soon as businesses are involved, it seems like friendship is automatically just a tool to keep getting money out of people. Plus, to be honest, I know what products I like and don’t want to change them up every time someone I know starts selling from a different pyramid scheme.

Also, from personal experience, people who are selling stuff from their homes don’t care if you really need or want it. I know someone who sells candles and refuses to believe I don’t like scented products at all. Apparently, I should just try hers, and I’ll change my mind!

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