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What Do You Use?

My mother was on the line with a friend of hers who is moving from her house that she was born into to an apartment. She is circa 80.

Her friend was telling my mother that no one of her friends or relatives want her cups and saucers.

My mother said to her that no one uses cups and saucers they use mugs then my mother said she has used mugs for decades you can put more in a mug and you wash one item not two plus they are sturdier. Her friend says she prefers cups and saucers.


Cups and saucers seem impractical. You have to wash two different items and cups hold less and more fragile.

What do you use? I am not sure if my mother is totally correct although I assume its rare for folks to use cups and saucers. It seems like either a very formal persn would use them or a senior citizen.

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