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What do you want to see more (or less) of on Jezebel? GT?

So it seems the Gawker Media Empire, at the request of its patriarch, is asking readers of the paid blogs what they'd like to see more of on the site and what changes they'd recommend. Helluva lot cheaper than paying focus groups, I suppose.

Anyway, perhaps I'm just missing the Jezebel one (in which case, please direct me to it!) because they all have different titles, but here are the posts from Gawker, Jalopnik, and Deadspin.


It got me thinking about what I'd like to see from Jezebel (and from Groupthink).

I think some of the things I miss are simply unattainable at the site's current traffic levels—for example, I miss how interactive things used to be between authors and commenters. Now, I think Kinja is supposed to recreate those relationships and interactions with some authors (like Mark) remind me of the early years of Jez.

I'm also not personally interested in the celebrity gossip, though I know it's right in the site's tagline and quite unlikely to leave. But I think a lot of it sounds gross and petty, with some instances where I find Jez just downright awful (Lena Dunham pic-gate, the repeated jabs at Gwyneth).

I'd like to see more political stuff, cause I'm a politics junkie. And crossposts from Sploid because it is pretty much the coolest gawker-based site.


I really miss the interesting take on feminism, as opposed to just recycling 'easy' ideas (if that makes sense). Some of my favorite recent pieces have been EGR's expose on the UCSB Shooter's chatroom, and Tracy Moore's women designing lady products piece.


I have a harder time crafting an ideal GT...sometimes I want to say less random/fluff/nonsense posts and more interesting essays, but I'm not sure I'd like that in practice and I'm not one for much long essaying myself.

(ETA: not hating on the fun/fluff posts! I just feel like sometimes there is such an overwhelming number of those posts, that I miss the sprinkling of 'deep' pieces



So, what about you guys? I'm more interested in your opinions than the general mainpage anyway. What does your ideal Jez and/or GT look like?

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