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What do you wish you'd known as a college freshman?

I'm writing up a little manual of sorts for a friend of mine who's about to enter her freshman year of college at the same university I'll be graduating from on Friday. Lately I've been thinking, "Wow, I wish I'd known this school had x when I was a freshman!" This friend of mine is like a little sister to me—I was her counselor at a summer program for a couple of years, and she and I have remained good friends. Now as she's about to start her journey here, I want to pass to her on some of the things I know now.

On Saturday, I asked for help finding sex resources to link my friend to, and I got so much great input from my fellow groupthinkers, including suggestions of other things I might think about telling her. That perked my interest on what else you guys might have in mind to share!


So what are some things you wish you'd known as a freshman? I'm looking for anything, from specific things ("I wish I'd known I could've been getting free condoms from x!" or lock your door, don't room with your best friend, bring ) to resources you wish you'd known about (counseling services, career counseling) to the more sentimental or philosophical ("I wish I'd known that it was okay to change my mind about what I though I wanted to do with my life!" or "Wish I'd known it's okay to ask for help."). I'd love to hear what some of you have learned! Any keen bits of wit, wisdom, and insight that you'd like to pass on or that you wish someone would've told you?

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