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What Does Your Boss Do That Is Incredibly Irritating?

I work freelance which means I get to see a virtual cornucopia of weird ass boss behavior throughout the year. I had a supervisor who literally had a meltdown when she realized there was no more guacamole at the lunch table. My current supervisor has the incredibly annoying habit of whisper talking.

This is a rather amusing example of what she does:


When she does it, it is considerably more annoying as she does this and then nods at me as though I am an expert lip reader and have totally understood everything she just mouthed in my direction.

She does that and doesn't finish her sentences. She'll start talking at a normal volume and then her voice peters out to nothing.

Actual things this woman has said to me:

"It'll become one of those things that..."

"If you could go downstairs and get..."

"There's something in the printer...no the copier upst...no let me..."




She seems to want me to read her mind and finish her sentences.

I am not a mind reader. I am not a lip reader. I cannot deduce what you mean when you say "Oh those signs were..." WERE WHAT, WOMAN??? I never did find out what the signs were.


Use this space to vent about annoying boss habits! Funny stories/gifs encouraged!

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