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"What don't we want?! Misogyny!": Snickers 'Empowering Catcalls' Ad

A Snickers ad released in Australia yesterday turns the tables on the construction worker catcalling trope and now it's popping up all over the internet. Have you guys seen it yet? Commercials embracing feminism and calling out stale advertising cliches isn't anything new (see: Dove ads, various failed attempts by tampon companies) but it's still unique enough to stand out and I think this one is more successful than most.


The video doesn't work as hard to commend itself for empowering women the way the now-infamous Dove ads do and I appreciate that, since at the end of the day it's still a commercial trying to push a product...not the launch of a new wave of feminism. It also lacks the hypocritical twist of assuring women they're beautiful—if they use Dove body wash and hair products, that is.

Maybe a similar ad will air stateside soon. Until then I'll keep settling for whatever weird candies are in a bowl in my office break room. This week's batch looks like off-brand Smarties, blech.

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