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What else, world?!

I am a grad student. My university allows us to take classes at other local universities through a consortium. As far as I knew, people do it all the time — I’ve had people from other schools in my classes. But mother of god has this been the worst idea I’ve ever had.

First, I had to get paperwork signed by a bunch of different people, even though I work and am therefore rarely on campus. Fine, I got it sent around by campus mail, got everything squared away, or so I thought.

I found out that in addition to the form, I also needed an email from the instructor approving me to take the class. The instructor just kept answering by saying the class was full and registration was close. This information was irrelevant since the registration process for this is completely different and, hello, people drop classes sometimes. I wouldn’t be registered until after the break anyway. I finally annoyed her into giving me an email approving me, which I read as completely sarcastic, but whatever.


The last person who had it sent it directly to the registrar instead of my advising office and I didn’t find out until the day before winter break, so that took a long time to track down and was just resolved on Tuesday after I got in touch with the assistant who emailed it and had her email me a copy with the attachment. Why no one working there was capable of this I do not know.

Today I get an email from the assistant to the registrar at school where the class is offered. I was informed that I’m registered for FAKECLASS 7892 and get all the info about how to log into their system. Great. Except for the fact that I was registering for FAKECLASS 6892. I send him an email to that effect and am graced by his out of office reply. He’ll be back Monday. My back-up class at my own school, that I would love nothing more than to drop before the add/drop period ends but need in case this doesn’t work out, is held on Monday.

I think I finally understand what it feels like to want to burn down a building. I don’t know which school I’d do it at since they’re both full of idiots.

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