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What ever happened to free time?

A few of you may remember my whining a while back about how school is hard, you guise. I am taking courses for a masters degree part time while working full time, and my job is just insane at the moment. Mostly good insane - busy, but climbing the ladder, gaining influence to determine projects, and generally getting to do more, which is great! But also, scary and time-consuming. Not to mention that I've been supervising and training a new employee, which is also scary and time-consuming. I shouldn't be responsible for mentoring someone in their career! Who thought I was ready for this??

(Before I get a lecture on how I need to fucking make time to train the newbie, yes, I know. I think I'm doing... ok with it? I've certainly asked for help and advice from my boss and coworkers, and my boss at least seems to think I'm doing a decent job, though he's had plenty of useful pointers on how I can be better at it. Wow, this is an obscenely long parenthetical. I should end it now.)

I'm wondering if the next couple of years are going to be as crazy as the last couple months. I've spent considerably less time on Jez and GT and I think I'm going through withdrawal. I suppose if nothing else, this post is intended to tell everyone that I miss you terribly and I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. I've had a few bad days where I basically said "screw everything" and spent a good portion of my day on Jez/GT, but I paid for it later in accumulated work. I think I have to start regulating my time better.


Look, I'm doing it! I'm not going to waste the next twenty minutes searching for the perfect gif to accompany this post, and end up being distracted by a page of hilarious Ron Swanson gifs! No wait, I definitely did just do that. On the plus side, this gif completes me.

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